Sunday, 20 March 2011

Covergence transforming the nature of the audience

The term convergence, explores the idea of technologies merging into one another. For example, a mobile can now be used as a camera or an mp3 player. This depicts the fact that the media industry is continuously becoming diverse in order to accomplish the concept of producing and distributing products accross several forms of media. An example of this is the release of a film online. (Duality is a Star Wars fan film which made its debut over the internet in 2001).

Before the occurance of convergence, there was a very harsh division between the media and the audience. The media was considered god-like as they were high up in the heirarchy, as opposed to the audience whome were considered as the little people as they could not interact with the media. Since convergence has taken place, the media and audience have been considered as no different from one another. This is because the audience have begun to be the media by providing others with entertainment and engagement. They are considered as equal due to the changes in technology. This is considered as push media where there is a clear media to audience relationship, creating a transformation to pull media where anyone can create media.

The creation of youtube, wiki and myspace enables the audience to become the media as it allows people to upload sources which is provided by the site users and is then distributed to the audience, this is known as fragmentation due to the fact that the users of these sites are seen as wasing storage space as it is used inefficiently.

Web 2.0 is a new phase of the internet which allows us to create material and distribute it to one another and perhaps move closer to the democratic spirit of the internet. For example, the E4 programme 'Skins' was originally premierred online, but it became a huge hit and it was then taken over by the Channel 4 productions and it was aired on television.

Doctor Who has gonbe through the process of convergence as it was an intermedial text which then aired a radio drama, created a DVD, was aired On demand, published books and magazines and the television programme and video games were lunched from this form of convergence.

Warner Bros Production

Warner Bros Entertainment, are an American, production company for films and television. It is one of the major film studios of all time and it was founded in 1918.
The name of the company is in honour of the four Warner Brothers; Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack.

The production company was started off by the three eldest brothers, as they began in the movie theatre business having purchased a movie projector which they showed videos with. This then eventually evolved into one of the largest distributors of all time.

The brothers founded the Pittsburg-based Amusement and Supply company in 1904 in order to begin their careers as film distibutors. Within a matter of a few years, the distribution of pictures expanded up to four-states. Eight years later, the brother hired an auditor named Paul Ashley Chase. The brothers worked together to produce the films, Sam and Jack Warner produced whilst Chase, Harry and Albert Warner handled the distributing and finance in the City of New York.

Warner Brothers produces and distibutes 18-22 years each year.
  • Distribution is monetised by distributing films of which are financed and produced by others.
  • Warner Bros has offices in over 3 countries and releasing films in over 120 international territories.
  • The company consists of over 3,700 worldwide ctive licences.
  • The Warner Bros. Consumer products licences the rights to names and logos which are involved in the Warner Bros. library.
  • Warner Bros. Consumer Products is motivated to be commited to expand their name in the international marketplace by using creative merchandising, promotional marketing and retail programmes.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Tourist

Distributor and tracking the Distibutor
The Tourist is directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck under the distribution of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The movie was created within the space of 11 months, the movie was a remake of a 2005, french action film. The film was shot quickly as Johnny Depp had to set off to Hawaii and start filmimg the 4th part of the pirates of the carribean franchise. Post-production occured so quickly as all commercially interesting release dates for 2011 were reserved for Pirates of the Carribean. Filming began in Paris with Jolie in February, shortly after Depp joined. The film was a blanket release date as the date had to be quickly decided.

The film poster shows two well established, famous actors on screen which suggests that this film will be a success, and draws a huge nuber of fans to take an interest in the film.

The font and colours of the title creates a very dramatic atmasphere s it is all colloured in a deep cyan, however one letter is in a dark shade which almoast suggests that the film includes a form of isolation or being undercover.

The actors stand out from the background, as the background is blurred and is faded to create a mysterious atmos
phere. Although the characters do not have any form of body contact in this poster, there is still a form of intimacy in the  poster, we see this due to the affectionate, facial expressions and the idea that they are walking together.

The film is a PG-13 which suggests that it is aimed to target as many people as possible however, due to intimate scenes and violence it provides limitations for the younger generations.

The film premiere was held in New York City in the USA, which took place on the 6th December 2010 at Ziegfeld theatre. It included guest stars such as Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Ashanti, Brooke Sheilds and Jennifer Connelly. The tourist was nominated for three Golden Globes; Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress.

Box Office
The Tourist opened at roughly $16, 472, 458 and on its first weekend released, it was ranked second on the charts as it followed The Chronicles of Narnia. So far worldwide, the movie has made $251,076,023. After this release, the movie is Jolie's fourth successful breakthrough.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


1) The Idea
- Sources of Inspiration
  • Some films are based on real life events.
  • Interesting storylines can be found in newspapers, magazines, biographies as well as personal experiences.
  • Original ideas are extremely valuable in the industry and it is important to protect your idea.
  • Remaking previous films is very popular now, as it adds security and helps define the market. However the audience may not respond well with the same ideas already seen on screen.
- Producer
  • Producers always look for good ideas for films.
  • It is their job to make an idea into a form of reality.
  • Producers handle the financial as well as creative aspects.
  • Producers need an inspirational idea that can be financed, so they attract a good writer and director. If the script is written the producer would ive tips to improve it.
2) Development Finance
-Pitchingthe project
  • Developing is money used to support the producer approaches the film production company for developing money and the company asks for rights in returns.
3) Script Development
  • First the writer produces a synopsis and the producer helps and disagrees or agrees on key scenes and events in the film. Step outline is made which contains a short written description of all scenes. First drafts made, include dialogue, actions and events that will be on the screen. Drafts are sent to the financees and is changed by the script editors. The final stage is the sales treatment.
4) Packaging
  • Packaging is the producers key responsibility. Producers assistant collects elements of the package for the producer. The package is the main tool to get production money. The producer must add key elements to make it a tempting prospectfor the financers. The producer takes the sales treatment and the final script and comes up with a rough budget which is the estimate on how much funding expected to secure for script and where it is intended to go.
5) Financing
  • Very competitive business and this is where contacts and powers of persuasion are needed to recieve maximum funding.
  • A private financee is a nembe of private individuals willing to invest in a film.
6) Pre-production
  • Once all the heads of department meet, the shooting is circulated and the meeting begins.
  • Casting Director, Producer and Director to find costs for actors and films.
  • Storyboards and blueprints are produced
  • Production designer designs every inch of the show
  • Effect shots are produced
  • Producer and Manager makes logistics of the productions.
7) The Shoot
 -Five Main Teams
  • Chain of command
  • Special effects team
  • Camera team
  • Lighting and sound team
  • Actors
Roles within these teams play a vital role ensuring that the film is well made.

8) Post-production
  • The Assistant editor assembles a variety of clips which are suitable , the editor then creates a rough cut.
  • The Sound department creates the audio depending on the rough cut
  • The Score is written for the film.
  • The credits and effects are added.
  • Operators adjusts the colour so all the shots look consistent and increases continuity.
  • The sounds are layered and blended. They are edited by producers for the final cut.
9) Sales
  • The final cut is sold to a distributor.
  • Trailers are used to advertise the film without revealing too much.
  • The job of a sales agent is to estimate how well the film will do.
  • Producers create a hype based around the film to create awareness of the existence and premierre.
10) Marketing
  • The Marketing Team= a group of people who market the film to the audience.
  • The Audience= marketing team runs test screenings to see how the film is recieved by the viewers.
  • Advertising= the audience for the film is informed using posters, cinema trailers and TV spots.
  • Press and Media Coverage= positive word of mouth. (e.g TV, newspapers, radio.) Getting the product endorsed by a third party.
  • Selling the Film to Exhibitors= Distributors negotiate with cinema's to screen the films
11) Exhibition
  • Fame= success. If the star is high profiled, the more likely that the film will be a hit.
  • Low profiled stars also create a successful hit.
  • It is importnt that the film hits the market.
12) Other Windows
  • After the movies release, the first ways the fims are sold is in flight entertainment and hotel pay preview channels.
  • DVD purchases have increased drastically which means that film distributions have transformed.